Triad and Triad II Zoning Regulations:
- Zoning: Central Business District 1 (CBD-1) which has no minimum or maximum requirements for lot area or size, floor area ratio (FAR), or setbacks. Maximum building height is limited to 120’
- Owner has submitted application to City of Tampa requesting a re-zone of Triad II parcel to transition zoning from CBD-1 with 120’ maximum building height to CBD-2 which would allow buildings with heights surpassing 120’. Renderings reflect Triad developed in accordance with CBD-1 regulations and Triad II in accordance with CBD-2 regulations.
- Permitted Uses: Multiple Family Dwellings, Hotels, Office (Business, Professional, Medical).
- Development District: Part of Development District North which is generally characterized by its underutilization. As a result, a great deal of flexibility can be exercised as to the character of future development. Future development could include office, transportation, service, housing and business uses.
- Parking Requirements: Residential Dwelling Structures – 1 Space / Dwelling Unit
- Parking Requirements: Compact Spaces may be utilized for 100% of required parking
Hotels – 1 Space / 3 Hotel Rooms
Office – 1 Space / 1,000 sf (GFA)
Restaurants – 0 Space / Seat (No Parking Required)
Motorcycle Spaces may be utilized for up to 10% of required parking.
Zoning Administrator may consider off-site parking alternatives based on Zoning Regulations.

Project Architect / Developer
Ray Design Development is a company founded by Brian Ray. Brian is a registered Architect with extensive Residential and Multi-Residential experience. Prior to establishing Ray Design Development, Brian was employed Aardex LLC, a developer in Denver Colorado as well as Humphreys & Partners Architects as a Senior Project Manager. While at HPA Brian guided numerous successful multi-residential projects nationally including in Tampa for large Institutional Multi-Residential Developers.
In addition to his architectural experience, Brian has established a strong development knowledge base that he has since implemented into Ray Design Development. He also has established very strong business relationships with individuals and companies to assist in the successful development of quality projects for RDD. For Brian, success starts when a great project site is married with thorough research to best determine the use and function of the development.
Understanding the market conditions, both availability and need is imperative to a successful project.  Once the project site and use are established, Brian utilizes his skills as an AIA award winning architect to create a project that is aesthetically unique and appealing. Adding functions to the building that meet buyer and tenant needs and desires, while avoiding unnecessary luxuries helps create a desirable and value based project without wasteful extravagance. The resultant is a project that appeals to developers, tenants and buyers, and is financially successful for all.
RDD’s vision for Triad is to create an exceptional project and a sound financial investment. Our unique approach offers a clear architectural statement that distinguishes Triad from the competition and adds value to the project. The project is a functional contemporary design with the highest quality materials and finishes. Environmentally sound design and construction principles shall be employed throughout, resulting in a highly marketable and desired product.